DAM ROI Calculator: Save with Digital Asset Management


DAM ROI Calculator: Save with Digital Asset Management

Friday January 29th, 2016 by Extensis

If you’re living in the same digitized world as we are, “there’s an app for that,” is a jest that you hear on the daily. There’s a strong strain of truth to it — as evident by the numerous apps that remind us to get up and move throughout the day, the ones that score us the cheapest plane tickets, and the ones that let us video chat with friends around the world.

The same holds true for the software that streamlines our office processes, connects us with our coworkers, and organizes digital files in ways that save loads of time, money, and heaps of headaches. *Ahem, ahem Extensis Portfolio*

DAM ROI Calculator: Save with Digital Asset Management

One of the most challenging decisions for an organization is selecting the right software that most benefits their team, and we’ve built a tool to help simplify this choice. Introducing our new DAM ROI Calculator — specifically designed to measure cost saving potential with a smart digital asset management system.

Get the Cold, Hard Facts about the DAM ROI Calculator

Organizations amassing thousands to millions of digital assets face a growing challenge in efficiently managing these files.

Though it’s easy to accept that companies save time and money with digital asset management, nothing persuades the right people the right way like a real dollar figure. Our ROI Calculator features fully customizable input options like number of assets, number of users, IT overhead, lost production, and much more to deliver your cost-saving estimate.

We’ve found that the average company discovers a potential savings of more than $250,000 over a five year period. That’s a figure worthy of a lunch meeting.

“Like any other business investment, careful evaluation of the return on investment is a key step in the financial justification for purchasing a DAM solution,” said Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy at Extensis. “Using the DAM ROI calculator, companies can get a clear picture of the impact DAM can make on the bottom line.”

DAM ROI Calculator: Save with Digital Asset Management

Extensis Portfolio: The Solution

Once you’ve invariably sold everyone on your potential savings, it’s time for Extensis Portfolio to step in. It’s designed to help you deliver results fast; it’s one step ahead of the process — prompting all users to input the right information at the right time so nothing gets lost.

Version control and revision tracking ensures that everyone stays in sync, and that your creative team is always working with current versions. The cherry on top? It can be set up in less than a day, and provides everything organizations need to get started right out of the box.

Whether yours is a massive company with digital goods coming at you from all angles, or a busy marketing company constantly accruing polished digital assets, Portfolio is the solution. Let the ROI Calculator be the final nudge your higher-ups need to get your workflow back on track.

Get the 45 day free trail—fall in love with software that takes the guess work out of organizing your digital assets.

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