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Why You Shouldn't Fear Upgrading Your Font Server

Wednesday March 2nd, 2011 by Russell Cheung

In the electronic era, change is inevitable. None more so than with software and operating systems.

All companies at some point in time have to deal with upgrading hardware which often, in turn means upgrading their software. For some companies, the process can be daunting since it often involves migrating over data from old software packages, installing the new software on multiple machines and training staff on how to use the new software. All of this can take time and resources away from the core business activities.

When it comes to fonts however, the basic fonts that most of our customer use regularly haven’t changed much but the software and hardware required to work with these fonts have changed dramatically. For some companies, realising that things need to move on can be a daunting experience especially if you have been reliant on the same technology for several years.

Hopefully we will provide some reassurance for those who have concerns about upgrading to Universal Type Server. So let’s delve into common fears about upgrading your font server.

Fear! – “We can’t afford to take our current font server offline!”

Fear Not! – You can run or test Universal Type Server + Portfolio Server in parallel with Suitcase Server / Font Reserve Server / legacy Portfolio Server but usually not with the same hardware.

Fear! – “I need a lot more than 30 days to evaluate this software!”

Fear Not! – Our corporate sales team would be more than happy to provide an extension to a current trial period if you need more time. Please be aware that the demo period starts from the date of installation not first usage therefore we do not recommend installing prior to taking leave or knowing that you have other priority projects that would clash with the evaluation period.

Fear! – “It’s going to take so much work to rebuild our old font sets and user groups again.”

Fear Not! – We have migration tools that can automatically extract font sets and workgroups from Suitcase Server X1 and Font Reserve Server. We can also provide advice and guidance on migrating from older server products or from our standalone font products. In regards to user accounts, these can either be imported from a tab delimited text file or better still, imported from an Active / Open Directory server and directly mapped and synchronised to a Universal Type Server workgroup.

Fear! – “We don’t have any spare computers to install Universal Type Server on right now!”

Fear Not! – If a separate machine is not immediately available for evaluation purposes you can install and evaluate our server applications on a virtual machine. Please note that although we don’t officially endorse running our applications under virtualised machines several of our largest customers have been running our applications within virtualised machines successfully for several years.

Fear! – “I don’t want to have to set up my font server again after the evaluation period is over”

Fear Not! – Migrating the font database over from a trial installation to a live server is very straightforward. You just need to use the Server Administration Web interface to create a single backup file, then copy over and restore it on your live server.

Fear! – “My IT department are suspicious about this software and don’t understand why we need this!”

Fear Not! – Universal Type Server is built with proven technology. It uses JBoss and Jetty web applications for it’s server web management and user management interface which means you can configure and manage most of the server from any Flash enabled web browser. No desktop software is required to perform server administration duties like log checking or backup and restore operations.