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A Distributor Walks Into a Whiskey Bar…

Tuesday September 28th, 2010 by Extensis

Do you ever think you’ve forgotten what its all about and then *BOOM* ? Something hits you in the face and reminds you?

Well, I had one of those recently.

The scene: Dublin, Ireland

The event: The Extensis International Distributor Conference

The purpose: Educate our partners on our new products, etc.

The REAL Purpose: Have our partners tell us everything they like, want, and hope we can do for them.

I am lucky to have been asked to attend this conference on 4 separate occasions since joining the company. Prior locations include: England, France, Portugal, Italy… This year the event was held in Dublin. Well, the outskirts of Dublin- a castle, to be exact! What fun. We Americans groove out on stuff like that because…well, plainly put, we have almost no history (its all relative). But everyone seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe what they enjoyed most was the whiskey tasting and the Irish music? (Note: whiskey is from Ireland- without the ‘e’ means it’s from Scotland.)  With or without the ‘e’, it’s my kind of drink!

Some of these partners have been selling our products since before I joined the company- which says a lot about them (and possibly about Extensis). And of course there were a few new faces as well. They are the face and voice of Extensis in their respective regions, and while we are supposed to be there to educate them, it almost always turns out that they are educating us. And I guess, as you say, that’s what its really all about.

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who attended, to our UK team that planned the shindig, and a special thank you to a really insightful customer who gave us some of his time, Richard from the National Museum of Ireland. He’s a Portfolio user and a genuine metadata guru. We really appreciate him taking the time to join us.

To that person who made that to-the-point comment while standing next to the Suit of Armor (no joke!)- you know who you are. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. I’m on it.

* Some images courtesy of the talented Aurélien (aureliens.fr)