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Korean Tacos a Big Hit at Extensis

Friday June 8th, 2012 by Jim Kidwell

We recently launched the latest version of our digital asset management software (Portfolio Server 10.2), and what better way to celebrate a product launch as a company than eating Korean tacos…lots of Korean tacos!

If you live in Portland, you know that the obvious choice for Korean tacos is KOi Fusion, so we consulted with their catering department and decided to go with the UNLIMITED KOREAN TACOS option.

When the day of the celebration came, you could practically hear the drool dripping from our collective mouths splattering on the floor as the clock approached lunchtime. A massive line began forming out the door of our conference room and around the corner:

I later heard that a few fights almost broke out due to people losing their place in line and people trying to cut in line, but fortunately HR was present to keep the peace.

Not only was the food all-you-can-eat, but the selection was fantastic. A choice of 4 meats (or tofu), self-serve toppings (don’t forget the kimchi), and hot or mild sauce. I saw several Extensians come back for seconds, and even thirds (I’ll admit that I ate 5 tacos myself).

At the end of lunch our bellies were full and we were all wearing smiles on our faces. Based on the feedback I received, I’d say the event was an success. If you’re looking for catering, I’d definitely recommend KOi fusion.

A big thanks to the crew at KOi Fusion. Hopefully we can have you back soon!