Get Free Fonts by Taking This Survey

Our friends at Monotype have brought back their Font Purchasing Habits Survey for 2019. Participants can win 15 free fonts — but the clock is ticking. You’ve got one week before the survey ends on October 11.

At Extensis we love fonts, and we think they’re a lot like people — each one has a distinct style, history, and superpower. Maybe it’s better to say that fonts are like designer, since each brings their unique personality to work. Every day new fonts are being created to give designers new ways to communicate — as a result, the way you choose and use fonts is changing.

Monotype is interested in this dynamic environment. You can help shed light on the various dynamics at play in this shifting space by taking their annual Font Purchasing Habits Survey. As a reward for completing the survey, you’ll receive 15 free fonts from MyFonts by Monotype!

Last year we partnered with Monotype to empower Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync users to easily select from over 130,000 professional fonts available through MyFonts by Monotype. Extensis is sponsoring the survey again because we want to better understand where our font management customers buy fonts, and your overall experiences with a variety of marketplaces — so we can better support you.

Mary Catherine Pflug is the foundry manager for MyFonts by Monotype. She came up with the survey as a vehicle for gaining insight into a rapidly changing industry.

“While researching the type industry, I found plenty about designing type and the history of type, but very little on the business of type and even less about the actual consumers and users of type,” she says. “It became clear to me that I could best contribute to this industry by helping type makers and sellers understand their customers. It was a no-brainer.”

You can read more about Pflug’s vision for the survey here.

Last year we learned that Brazilian respondents were the most enthusiastic about font subscription plans. Australian respondents correlated high prices with higher quality. And Canadian respondents felt the most strongly that fonts could be “sexy.” Here at Extensis, we can’t wait to learn more from the 2019 survey.

For the curious, you can check out last year’s results by checking out Part 1 and Part 2 of our key takeaways from the 2018 Font Purchasing Habits Survey. We’ll let you know when the results of this year’s survey are out.

Want to share what you care about when acquiring fonts — and grow your font collection at the same time? Complete the survey and win 15 awesome free fonts in this bundle.

Hurry on over! The deadline is October 11.

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