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We Used Papyrus To Improve These 4 Iconic Logos

Friday April 1st, 2016 by Extensis

Papyrus was created in 1982 by American designer Chris Costello. An unorthodox font, it blends the graceful and sophisticated Roman letterform with the authentic expertise of a master calligrapher.

We paid homage to one of history’s greatest fonts by substituting it in these four iconic logos.


1. H&M


Versatile and widely underused, Papyrus’ distinct margins give H&M’s dressing rooms a sharp and edgy makeover.


2. FedEx


The high horizontal strokes in Papyrus’ capital letters prove that it can really deliver on FedEx’s logo.


3. AirBnB


Papyrus’ signature irregular curves furnish AirBnB’s logo with an expressive, lived-in feel. A great fit for a startup offering contemporary accommodations.


4. Chanel


The hand-drawn outline of this reimagined logo highlights Papyrus’ distinctive antique look—one that high fashion brands such as Chanel desire.

Happy April Fools Day from all of us at Extensis!