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We Hear You! part 10: home stretch

Tabasco Bottle ImageIf the stars are aligned, this may well be my last ‘We Hear You!’ post, because as soon as Universal Type Server gets out the door, you will probably see that we not only heard you, but took you very seriously.

I’m not big on sports analogies, but this one seems appropriate: We’re at the bottom of the 9th. Several Beta drops later, and we are very close to ready.

It is hard to itemize all that goes in to the final stages of a software release and launch. But ‘scramble’ just about covers it (yep- that’s a golf term…or an egg term, depending).

Beyond the software itself (the biggest piece), there are a hundred things that need to line up: product skus, documentation, translation of what feels like every piece of content you have EVER written, press this-n-that, Web creative and production, internal training for: support, customer service, sales, and everyone else, communication to our partners, knowledge base articles in which you have to anticipate what someone might ask, yada yada. You get the picture.

So that is where we are. Scrambled eggs. Yum. And we expect to be dishing some up for you very soon.

Would you like ketchup or Tabasco with those?