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Universal Type Server product feature demos

While at Macworld 2008, we took the opportunity to record a few quick demonstrations of features included in Universal Type Server. I asked people who were staffing our booth to each describe a different feature of the product in 60 seconds or less. These short little videos give you a quick look into the features of the product.

Product Marketing Manager, Cindy Valladares demonstrates the backup feature.

Megan Banman shows off the Smart Set feature of Universal Type Server in this video.

In this one I describe the benefits of the font license tracking feature.

Claire Taylor demonstrates the keywording feature.

Marisela Alzuhn describes the QuickFind feature, and how it helps you to quickly locate fonts in the Universal Type Client.

Also, if you missed it, this earlier post contains videos about the Previewing capabilities of the Universal Type Client as well as the web based server administration tools.

Stay tuned to Manage This for more product demos and information about release dates.