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Universal Type Server 2.1 released today

Thursday October 22nd, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Universal Type Server is compatible with Windows 7 and Snow LeopardToday we released an update to our server-based font management solution, Universal Type Server.

This update includes:

  • Deeper font compliance management: administrator can see who added which font to which workgroup and reverse those actions.
  • Active Directory flexibility: administrator can now exclude individual users from distribution group mappings.
  • Enhanced user management allows easier batch application of settings and refined filtering of users.
  • Simplified network password perfect for smaller teams (using optional LDAP bind authentication).
  • Mac OS X v 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility for client and server.
  • Windows 7 compatibility for Universal Type Client.
  • TrueType Collection font support.
  • Improved font corruption screening.
  • New command line scripting tool for automation and integration.
  • New optional MySQL external database module (chargeable add-on component for Universal Type Server Professional only).
  • Directory integration with Active Directory and Open Directory is now a standard feature of Universal Type Server Professional.
  • Improved overall performance of client synchronization and working with font sets.

If you have a current annual service agreement (ASA) for server-based font management, this update is provided at no cost. If you do not have a current ASA, please contact your corporate sales representative for upgrade or purchase pricing.