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Typography T's

A year ago (or more) while working on some print ads with our friends at ZIG (who also have a nice blog), we discussed the possibility of using a well-known typographer for some of the artwork. And while that didn’t pan out for that project, in the back of my mind I knew we would want to call on Carlos Segura at some point.

Bingo! An opportunity presented itself as we were leading up the Macworld show. We needed to design a t-shirt that would be part of a campaign to the press and corporate customers around the unveiling of Universal Type Server. So I picked up the phone and called Carlos.

Carlos is more than just a designer. He and his team are typographers, type designers, and also the owners of T 26 type foundry. In short- these guys really know type.Typography Tshirt by Carlos Segura Inc.After some discussion they produced this T for us, which we delivered to the press in that safe we wrote about a while back. We also used this design on our booth shirts (seen in this post). And we gave some out as prizes in the theater.

I’ve said this before, but I don’t know what it is about T-shirts. People gotta have ’em. This is a well-documented phenomenon. Suffice it to say we received a lot of comments on them. People wanted to know where to get them. Finally, I have an answer for that question. Stay tuned- we’ll be running a promotion through which you can get your hands on a limited supply.

Many thanks to Carlos and his team. They are a great bunch to work with. Put them on your short list. (and if you don’t have a list–never too late to start one).