Thanksgiving Typography


Thanksgiving Typography

Monday November 23rd, 2015 by Extensis

Tis’ the season for rushed client deadlines and what seems like one thousand requests to “make the logo bigger.” And as per usual, we feel stuck in a never-ending torrent of misused comic sans (seriously, when will people ever learn?)

Somewhere in the middle of it all we realize what’s truly important about what we do as designers. We find that we’re left with a resounding thankfulness for the joy that beautiful typefaces bring to our designerly worlds.


As we prep our Thanksgiving table with custom name cards and our attempts to mimic Casey Ligon’s delicious foodie hand lettering, we do our best to remember the reason for the season: giving thanks!

So we emphatically thank the independent foundries and designers who make what we do so fun. Here are just a few who’ve made everything better lately.

Thanksgiving Typography: URTD


We’re thankful for URTD and their fabulously playful Woodkit Print Letterpress

Ondrej Jób is the mastermind behind the Slovak type foundry and graphic design studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Versatility abounds with this contemporary style, and we can’t wait to get our hands on another project that calls for this one.

Thanksgiving Typography: Blackletra


We’re thankful for the type all-star Blackletra Karol

First off–whoa. Now that’s out of our system, we can celebrate this typeface for what it is: a true typographic ninja. It’s a family of fonts designed especially for books, but has an intriguing and strong personality in display sizes. Did you know that it was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design of the TDC in 2013? Not to mention that it was selected to be the Bienal Tipos Latinos 2012 and received an honorable mention at Milozs Student Type Competition in 2011. That’s a decorated family. You can buy it at Type-O-Tones, Myfonts or FontShop.

Thanksgiving Typography: P22


We’re thankful for P22 and for their “makin’ me hungry” Caffe

Rooted in the imagery of surrealist artists Marcel Duchamp and Joan Miró, this foundry was born in 1994 and has since executed their mission to craft honest and genuine handcrafted typefaces. Mmm. That sounds almost as delicious as pie to us. As if that wasn’t enough, Caffe Tobacco is the whip cream on top.


Thanksgiving Typography: Laura Worthington


We’re thankful for sign painters and Laura Worthington’s Ed’s Market

One of our personal faves and hometown hero Laura Worthington is a Pacific Northwest dweller and crafter of original, beautiful handmade letters that form the base of her design. We’re currently digging her Ed’s Market Collection, from which we’ve crafted a holiday cheers to you and your type nerd friends this Thanksgiving.

We hope you enjoy your turkey day and have a chance to spend time with your loved ones, and those that love the same things that you do (like the awesome Sign Painters Film).

Thank you to all of you designers who seek inspiration, create, and inspire and therefore make our world go ‘round. Cheers to much more awesome type to come!

Care to make a toast to your favorite type designer or type foundry? Head on over to Twitter and raise your glass.