Tasty Type: Hoppy Earth Day!


Tasty Type: Hoppy Earth Day!

Tuesday April 15th, 2014 by Extensis

Welcome to Tasty Type, our series that’s all about having fun with typography and stuff to eat—or in this case, drink. For our third Tasty Type, we wish you a very Hoppy Earth Day on April 22, 2014.

We decided to celebrate Earth Day by thinking natural and local—and what’s more tasty than local hops and barley used for brewing the craft beer Oregon is known for? We have no idea!

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and today is an annual event celebrated in 192 countries. The environmentally-minded holiday is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. 2014 is the first Hoppy Earth Day we’ve ever heard of, so join us in raising a pint to Mother Earth.

If you know anything about hop harvest time in North America, you’re aware that harvest and brewing or drying happens in October. We love autumn for the delicious fresh hop beers, which bring a vibrant and distinct flavor to the brew. That said, finding beautifully-preserved fresh hops in spring is no easy task. After over a week of searching, and bugging local brewers, we scored the bounty from a Portland-based hop grower and home brewer. The heart-shaped leaves and cone-like flowers are surprisingly decorative and elegant—and made interesting material to craft with. The barley is local too, was easier to come by, but tedious to work with.

For type, we worked with Laura Worthington’s Charcuterie Flared, available in the WebINK web font library. Charcuterie celebrates the personally crafted—and brings a slightly rough edge that adds to its charm. We found this a very fitting choice for Earth Day and local hoppy goodness.

The Making of this Tasty Type

So how’d we make this Tasty Type? Check out our sweet Vine video.

Tasty Type: Hoppy Earth Day!

No matter how you celebrate Earth Day—tree planting, gardening, trail maintenance, community activities, or the like—we encourage you to observe Earth Day every day. Cheers!