Suitcase Fusion 2 praised by industry experts -


Suitcase Fusion 2 praised by industry experts

Wednesday December 17th, 2008 by Claire Taylor

Following on from the perfect five awarded by MacUser, Suitcase Fusion 2 continues to receive a great response from the industry’s top titles. The most recent Suitcase Fusion 2 reviews come from IT-Enquirer and MacWorld UK:

Erik Vlietinck, IT-Enquirer: “It has become the best font management tool for the Mac once again”.

“The floating previews make working with Suitcase Fusion (2) extremely powerful. I believe that for the first time, font management has actually become more of a continuously useful tool than just something that you need, but once you’ve set it up, forget about it”.

Rob Henry, MacWorld UK: “More than an incremental tweak, then, it should be on the wish list of anyone who works extensively with fonts”.

“Suitcase Fusion 2 is evidently a well-thought-out product that takes a potentially complex task and simplifies it”.