September Fonts Roundup: Space Age Nostalgia -


September Fonts Roundup: Space Age Nostalgia

Thursday September 15th, 2016 by Extensis

Let’s face it: back-to-school fonts tend to be boring and cheesy. So much chalkboard! So many bubble letters! That’s why for the month of September we’re bringing you a fonts roundup that’s as escapist as it gets. Introducing: FONTS FROM SPACE! A selection of typefaces that will get you not just out of school, but out of the atmosphere… into the stratosphere… and straight into the intergalactic.

Revisiting our own school days got us into a retro frame of mind.

First, Space Age makes the introductions:

Meet GeorgeJetson

Then, Orbitron shoots us into orbit.


Warning! Things may get dramatica with Plasmatica.


Of course, designers have different aesthetics. If you feel the space age theme is a little thin…

…try Quarterly BRK…


or Neris:


Meanwhile, if your design process is starting to feel a little robotic…

…maybe you’ll want to check out Anita:


Or Kimono:


But you can always preserve your humanity. With these typefaces humans and cyborgs can really have a dialogue.

Dual Font asks:


Terminal Dosis answers: