Meet the East Coast Gurus: Jeremy, James, and Chris -


Meet the East Coast Gurus: Jeremy, James, and Chris

The Extensis headquarters are firmly rooted in the land of microbrews and skinny jeans here in Portland, Oregon. So what do you do if you’re struggling with fonts and digital assets across the country on or near the east coast? Not to worry, we have you covered with our NYC offices that serve the eastern region of the United States and Canada.

In our NYC office you’ll find three creative workflow experts helping companies maintain license compliance and improve their workflows using Extensis font and digital asset management solutions:


Jeremy Godfrey, Regional Business Manager


  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Latest book: Maui Revealed
  • Ideal vacation spot: Maui or St. Croix… depends on if I’m departing from PDX or NYC.
  • During my commute: I read the NY Post.


James Grace, Senior Systems Engineer


  • Favorite color:Neon Orange
  • Latest book: Travels
  • Ideal vacation spot: The Beach in Cancun, Mexico
  • During the commute: I listen to PopTron : SomaFM  



Chris Chen, Systems Engineer


  • Favorite color: Black
  • Latest book: Start with Why
  • Ideal vacation spot: Maldives
  • During the commute: Flo Rida,  David Guetta,  Rihanna


All three enjoy long walks on the beach and ensuring that font and digital asset management projects are successfully completed on time and under budget.

To learn more about what Jeremy, James, and Chris can do for you, please check out our Professional Services page.