Macworld 2008 - we've got it going on -


Macworld 2008 – we've got it going on

So, the newest from Extensis and Apple is now revealed. We’ve got two great new products this morning – Universal Type Server and the MacBook Air. Both are extremely cool. If you aren’t able to be in San Francisco at the Moscone Center today, here are a few photos from the event.

The Extensis team at the booth

Macworld 2008 - the extensis team at the booth

Extensis Product Manager Cindy Valladeres demonstrates Universal Type Server Macworld 2008 - Kelly demonstrates Universal Type Server

There are, of course, some rather interesting booths. I like this one from Moshi:

Interesting looking booth - Moshi

And Crumpler always has interesting designs. This one looks a bit like a castle to me:

Macworl 2008 - crumpler booth

I like the living room feel of Microsoft’s Blogger’s Lounge.

Macworld 2008 - Microsoft’s Blogger’s Lounge - preshow

The John Lenon bus has a bunch of musical instruments outside, as well as demos of Mac-based music editing tools.

Macworld 2008 - the John Lennon bus

And, probably the most unique product available at Macworld, an iPod ready TP roller – because a little music never hurt the “process,” I suppose.

Macworld 2008 - probably the most unique product available here - an iPod TP roller

Of course, you’ll be happy to see that the MacBook Air was well received.

Macworld 2008 - MacBook Air

Macworld 2008 - MacBook Air table

Stay tuned for more updates, and everything Macworld.