Macworld 2008 - more news from the show floor -


Macworld 2008 – more news from the show floor

Universal Type Server continues to be well received on the show floor at Macworld 2008. You don’t have to take our word for it, when you get a chance bop on over and read this early review of Type Server.

Our favorite quote in the article – “Blazingly fast… It was like going from dialup to broadband all over again.”

Continuing on with the photos from the show floor, here are a few of the more interesting things in the Expo Hall. The Extensis booth looks great, but you already knew that, of course.

Herbie Hancock stopped by the Best Buy booth for a quick photo shoot yesterday.

Macworld 2008 - Herbie Hancock drops by the Best Buy booth for a photo shoot

NEC has this very cool, and HUGE curved monitor.

Macworld 2008 - NEC’s super HUGE curved monitor

A bit different than the Crumpler castle, Intego has their own huge, green castle.

Macworld 2008 - Intego’s huge green castle booth

The always popular Google booth.

Macworld 2008 - The always popular Google booth

Here’s the difficult to photograph well Apple demonstration stage.

Macworld 2008 - The Apple demonstration stage

The Filemaker booth features perhaps the tallest podium known to man. I’d feel like everyone was looking up my nose if I were on that podium!

Macworld 2008 - The Filemaker booth

And the award for the strangest booth structure goes to Booq who has these faceless mannequins at their booth that left me with a somewhat creepy feeling.

Macworld 2008 - The Booq booth

You’ve just gotta love these little rubber USB flash drive penguins.

Macworld 2008 - Cute little flash drives encased in a candy cute rubberized shell

It’s the attack of the POD people!

Macworld 2008 - The Macworld Napping Lounge is the attack of the POD people

No, wait, it’s the attack of the USB people.

Macworld 2008 - USB people

And, of course the little USB people need their own little USB fridge, right?

Macworld 2008 - The USB people need their little USB fridge, right?

And finally, a USB rocket launcher, cannon, kitty, chess game, and well, anything else you can dream up.

Macworld 2008 - USB rocket launcher, and well, everything else