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Font Server Backups? That goodness is built right in!

Wednesday January 28th, 2009 by Paul Krummenacker

Studies show that people who backup their font servers on a regular basis sleep better, smile more and possibly have less gray hair. Backing up your font server database is associated with a lower prevalence of screaming and more successful creative work environments.

Universal Type Server, automatically backing your data up.

As a font user that last thing you want to have to worry about is losing your entire font collection that you have taken hours to organize, classify, group and distribute. Creative users have bigger problems to solve, witty slogans to pen, artwork to source and lots of money to deposit in the bank.

Extensis’ Universal Type Server is designed right out of the gate to automatically back up your font database. All your hard work, lovingly preserved, stored carefully and ready at a moment’s notice to keep your office running at peak proficiency.

Both Universal Type Server Professional and Universal Type Server Lite are automatically designed to automatically back up your font database, users, workgroups and server information. Small server and large corporate installs will benefit from this automatic loss prevention.

From the moment you install Universal Type Server, the product is automatically set to back up every Sunday at 2am. You don’t even need to think about it, Universal Type Server is already watching your back. You can set your own backup interval and times to best fit your needs, these are easily configured under the administrative interface.

Universal Type Server creates a new backup file each time it backs up your entire set up. All your data is safely kept in a single, date stamped TAR file. TAR is a standardized file format that has been in use for over 20 years. (TAR File Format) .

You can also have Universal Type Server create a manual backup. A good time to use a manual backup is before you import a large collection of fonts or create a new set of users, or do any major changes on your server. Backups are fast, easy and helps protect you if you change your mind and want to roll back to where you were before your changes.

One of the single most important things you can do with your backups is to keep copies archived and stored off site. In the highly unlikely event that Skylab falls onto your office, you’ll be able to restore your data and be back and running.

Universal Type Server, it not only keeps your fonts safe, it also helps you sleep better at night.