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Extensis® Universal Type Server® 2.0 Now Available!

Wednesday June 17th, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Universal Type Server 2We’re happy to announce that our Universal Type Server 2.0 font management software is now available.

Universal Type Server 2.0 is available in two different versions:

  • Professional – intended for workgroups of any size.
  • Lite – for teams of up to ten concurrent users.

This version integrates a number of new and innovative features. Most prominently, this release includes

Some of the new features in Universal Type Server 2.0 include:

  • Universal Type Server 2.0 Professional is the only server-based font management solution that offers secure and dynamic integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Apple’s Open Directory, with full support for Kerberos single sign-on. This integration with LDAP directory services is available FREE for new and existing customers for a limited time.
  • External Database Module supports Microsoft SQL Server for enhanced scalability.
  • Font compliance reports allow administrators to track users’ access to fonts.
  • Administrators can implement a “system font policy” of fonts allowed in users’ system fonts folders, an efficient way to keep rogue and unlicensed fonts out of your workflow.
  • Enhanced previews in the Universal Type Client, that include “tear-off” floating previews.
  • Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator® and InDesign® CS2, CS3 and CS4, as well as QuarkXPress® 7 and 8
  • Administrators can batch apply server settings across multiple users.
  • Remotely deployment of server connection settings to Type Client machines.
  • Enhanced server-controlled Startup Sets.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support for server administration.
  • Set maximum number of retained backups on the server.
  • Warnings to offline Type Client users, when font access is about to expire.
  • Ability for administrators to view all workgroups that contain a font, as well as selectively delete fonts from server-based personal workgroups.
  • Enhanced font corruption detection and repair.
  • The Type Client can now override system fonts.
  • Added search criteria for better visibility. For example, the “Added By” search field can be used to monitor when a font was added to the system and by whom.

Universal Type Server 2 upgrade, client access license upgrades and the new Directory Integration Module will be available free-of-charge to existing Universal Type Server Professional customers under a current annual service agreement (ASA). In addition, the Directory Integration Module will be offered free of charge for all new Universal Type Server 2.0 Professional customers for a limited time. Upgrade pricing is available for all current Universal Type Server Lite, FontReserve Server, Suitcase Server, and volume license customers.

Universal Type Server is available immediately.  Universal Type Server Professional is available at an estimated retail price of US $1,800.00 for the Server plus $165.00 per Client Connection. Universal Type Server Professional and associated clients include a one-year Annual Service Agreement.  Universal Type Server Lite sells for an estimated retail price of US $1,395 and includes 10 Client Access Licenses.

For more information on Universal Type Server family of products, visit www.extensis.com/typeserver.