What's Your Type? How You've Been Using Fontspiration


What's Your Type? How You've Been Using Fontspiration

Wednesday February 18th, 2015 by Extensis

We wanted to do a quick follow-up post for those who might have missed our announcement of Fontspiration, our sweet new iPhone app that lets you:

  • Create custom designs using hundreds of fonts and dozens of built-in animations
  • Get inspired by new and regularly updated fonts on the live Fontspiration feed
  • Share your creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Since its release late last year, we’re humbled and excited to see how many of you have been using Fontspiration to its full magical effect. The talent, creativity and designs themselves have been nothing short of amazing and even unexpected in terms of how far you’ve pushed its capabilities. That’s why we wanted to share some of our favorite works—to show our appreciation, celebrate your love of type, and showcase the best of the best. Who knows, you might discover something new, or connect with another designer that inspires you, which is why we’ve listed our picks’ social channels as well.

Gallery of Greatness: These Top 9 Fontspirationers are just our type

Ranked in no particular order, and we know there’s a lot more awesomeness out there…

Baylee Hart: Fortune Favors The Brave   What's Your Type? How You've Been Using FontspirationAmanda Powers: The Dead Sea   Charles Dew: Wait For Me   _Amulya: Love In A Time Of Doubt   Matt Loughlin: Feel The Eerie Calm   Foothill College: Didot   Oleg Turbaba   Rkdekle: Soul Jam   Carlo


Download the app and get social

Now that you’ve seen examples of the app in action, it’s time to give it a whirl if you haven’t already—download Fontspiration for iPhone for free from the App Store. In addition to getting creative and finding new fonts, the app is also great for creating and sending your own custom e-messages to surprise and delight your peeps. And for you power users, don’t forget Fontspiration is also incorporated into our new releases of Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server. For those new to the app, we invite you to tag your creation with #fontspiration, just like we did in our announcement late last year. We might just feature you on the Extensis blog and other sites. And don’t forget to share your font creations on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest using #fontspiration. For more information about the Fontspriation app, visit extensis.com/fontspiration. Happy fonting!