Using Portfolio NetPublish in a corporate marketing environment -


Using Portfolio NetPublish in a corporate marketing environment

The Extensis Salestools site provides assets when our team needs themMaking sure that everyone has the most current photos, sales sheets, and information to get their job done is always a challenge. Files can be misplaced, deleted or just plain forgotten. In order to help our various sales channels get all of the files that they need, we setup our own Portfolio NetPublish sites.

These sites were configured to share all of the appropriate assets created by our Marcom team. We chose to implement two separate NetPublish sites, each for a different target audience.

Our channel sales partners need the most up-to-date box shots, software screen shots and other company branding materials. They use these items to build catalogs, websites and other sales pieces.

Our internal and external sales partners have slightly different needs. They need presentations and specific product information for customers. So, to facilitate this, we created a site that is flush with marketing collateral, product information datasheets, as well as customer implementations case studies.

These sites are available to our sales partners from anywhere on the internet. When we need to distribute new materials, we can simply add those assets to a Portfolio catalog, tag them with metadata and they immediately appear on the NetPublish site, ready for use.

While these two sites were developed specially for this use, the sites that can be generated automatically by Portfolio NetPublish are equally impressive. Check out the following sample sites as examples of what can be done quickly with our solution.

The Big Shoe Company
Really Big Shoe Company sample NetPublish site

This is an example of NetPublish used within an in-house marketing team for a retail company. The company uses this site to provide co-workers, vendors and partners with an easy method of accessing approved marketing assets 24/7.

Medic Marketing

Medic Marketing Portfolio NetPublish sample siteThis is an example of NetPublish used in a full-service marketing agency. The intent is to create an easy and efficient method to share comps and final materials with clients.

Widgets West, Inc.

Widgets West Portfolio NetPublish sample siteThis is an example of NetPublish used in a manufacturing company to automate the distribution of approved assets for insertion into catalogs.