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Time for Spring Cleaning! Start by Organizing Your Font Collection

Monday April 18th, 2016 by Extensis

Is your font collection getting so overgrown and spread out that you can’t find what you’re looking for? Organizing thousands of fonts in folders on your hard drive can be tedious and time-consuming. Celebrate the arrival of Spring by streamlining your workflow today with our Suitcase Fusion font management system (try it for 30 days on us!)

Font Vault: One Location for Every Font

Store all your fonts in a single location with Suitcase Fusion Font Vault. When fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion, they’re automatically checked for corruption and then stored in one convenient location. Simply drag/drop the font you need to your hard drive when you want to share it with other team members. No more digging around in random file folders for lost or missing fonts!

Libraries and Sets

The Suitcase Fusion Library enables you to store and arrange fonts based on any criteria—you can organize by job, client, or document. Within your Library, you can also create sets for specific fonts to be activated automatically whenever a particular application is launched.


QuickFind, Advanced Find, and Smart Sets

Suitcase Fusion has multiple ways for users to find fonts. With the QuickFind field you can enter any font name, foundry name, or other identifying text and search within the selected library.


Suitcase Fusion also has a robust Find feature that locates fonts based on criteria such as PostScript Name, foundry, duplicate fonts, or date added.

Suitcase Fusion also allows you to save a search for commonly used criteria. Smart Sets make it really easy to find fonts from a single foundry, or a particular type, or from a specific client via Keywords (more about Keywords here).


View, Customize, and Search Attributes

Along with all the organizational features within Suitcase Fusion there is also the ability to view, customize and search on the attribute information of fonts to give you even greater control on how you find the fonts you want.Thumb-SF6-SS-Favorites-EN

Favorites allow you to visually keep track of the font faces you like most. By marking a font as a favorite, you can find it quickly in Suitcase Fusion via Find or a Smart Set.

Keywords are a great way for users to add custom metadata that makes fonts easier to search and categorize. You can tag each font with client information, name of document, and specific usage.

Suitcase Fusion also allows customization of font styles, foundries, and classifications. Want to use a font from a new foundry you just discovered? Simply add the foundry to the list, apply the metadata, and you can easily locate it later.

Find Similar Fonts with QuickMatch

Need to find a matching or similar font to one you have already? QuickMatch performs a glyph-based search to provide you with the closest visual match to your original font. QuickMatch is also a fun and intuitive way to discover new fonts.


Why Suitcase Fusion?

Suitcase Fusion helps you find, categorize, and track the fonts you use every day so you can focus your time and energy on doing great creative work. Have any additional questions that weren’t covered here? Please leave a comment below.