The Need for Speed, Part 2 – Finding what you need, quickly -


The Need for Speed, Part 2 – Finding what you need, quickly

Wednesday August 20th, 2008 by Paul Krummenacker

Paul\'s stick figure icon of a personPortfolio allows you to track and keep all sorts of information about your assets. Much of this information you don’t need to access on a daily basis, but it’s nice to have around, just in case. The downside of having lots of information is that it presents challenges on how to find that information or assets you need, quickly.

To search and find things with Portfolio you have a few different ways to get what you need, some faster than others. The first way to find things is to open the Portfolio client and scroll through the main screen, looking at the thumbnails until you find what you want. This is great if you have a limited number of items, and items that are unique that don’t look a lot like the others, but how realistic is that… probably not very realistic.

The better way to find things is to use QuickFind. You can QuickFind in the full Portfolio client application as well in Portfolio Express. By default QuickFind searches for items based on Description, Filename and Keywords. If you have large description fields this will slow down the speed of returning your results. Often you may have a different field that you need to search on every time, like a client name, a job number or maybe a subject. If you’ve set up other fields to be your ‘main’ data fields, you can change QuickFind to search on those fields, rather than having to pound through other fields that are less critical.

To change what QuickFind searches, you have to open your catalog and edit the Preferences. On Windows, go into the Edit menu, select Preferences. On Macintosh, select Portfolio menu, select Preferences. Next, select the QuickFind tab. You will see 3 boxes checked for what QuickFind will search. You can select the fields that you want QuickFind to search. You can set unique QuickFind criteria for each catalog you use, so if one catalog relies upon job numbers, and the other is specific all your archive client information, you can set different QuickFind criteria for each catalog.

Portfolio QuickFind Windows options

Portfolio Express will utilize these preferences, so you will get the same results regardless if you’re using Portfolio Express, or the full client.

So, really focus on how you search for things, and start fine tuning your Finds.

Next time, we’ll look at how to build more efficient searches and saved searches. Once you’ve got a saved search that works, you can build Smart Galleries. But more on that next time.

Paul K out.

And the 2 wheeled world update, today was pretty wet for an August, I actually had to don the rain pants and rainproof gloves. I actually debated about wimping out and driving my truck, but I suited up, put on the softside luggage to carry my laptop and went for it. I’m really enjoying my ’82 Honda Hawk. I’m trying to carve out some time to try doing a longer trip on it. I almost drove it to Bend, Oregon last weekend, but I think I’ll try and do a shorter trip before I jump right into a drive half way across Oregon and the Cascade Mountains.