Thank you competition! -


Thank you competition!

Wednesday November 19th, 2008 by Extensis

I’m excited today- glowing even.

It is a great day when a competitor badmouths you in the headline of a press release.  Perhaps that sounds like an odd thing to say. But it’s a sign that you have them rattled. There is also the publicity and inquiries this generates.  Not a bad outcome—for us.

I’d be kidding if I said that all competitors are the same. Of course, there is a difference between the ethical ones and those that are not.  We have several competitors whom I respect tremendously- they produce good products and rely on their strengths.

Every so often you get a competitor that does it differently. They focus so much on YOU and so little on themselves- not unlike a political campaign (sorry for the reference, I know we have national burn-out on this topic…). The politician chanting hate messages is not usually the most credible.

As Bill says on the ÜberEye Marketing Blog:

“I’ve always felt that calling out your competition brings your own company down a notch on the customer trust totem pole. Whenever I hear one company bashing another I find myself looking for the ulterior motive…”

There is a rule that helps honorable people sleep well: tell the truth. Make great products, support them well, be honest about who you are and what you offer and  ”let the best man win.” I simply believe that being genuine is honorable- and respects the intellect of your customer. And from a marketing standpoint- people’s respect for your company is a reflection on your brand, your product and ultimately your employees. As Tom Peters says: integrity is a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the end, what you have to believe is that most people know the difference between the wobbly, squeaky wheel in the slow lane and the quiet, efficient one that long since zoomed ahead leaving it in the dust.