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R.I.P Think Secret

Wednesday January 30th, 2008 by Nicole Andergard

Think SecretIn the days and weeks leading up to Macworld Expo, I tend to get rather focused, which must have been the case again this year considering I missed the big news over at Apple rumor site, Think Secret. Apparently, the well-known site will be shutting down for good in just a few short weeks.

For the past three years, Think Secret has been engaged in a lawsuit with Apple instigated when Think Secret leaked information about the Mac Mini and iwork before Apple’s big launch at Macworld ’05. For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to access the show floor before the official show opening, I’ll tell you Apple is very serious and secretive about product announcements. They even drape their gigantic booth so that the other Expo vendors don’t get a sneak at the new product messaging before the show’s keynote presentation.

Apple and Think Secret reached a settlement in December resulting in the closure of the Think Secret site come mid-February. Think Secret’s publisher, Nick Ciarelli appears to be in pretty good spirits about the situation, perhaps it’s because he never revealed his source. To see his official statement on the matter check out the press release here.