Promotions and the Extensis Macworld safe -


Promotions and the Extensis Macworld safe

Extensis type server safe dialEvery company does promotions of one sort or another, whether it’s giving out free food samples at the mall food court, or passing out pencils at a trade show, freebies can be used to entice a target audience into action. That action could be buying a product, or merely giving some attention to a new product release. The latter is the case with our most recent PR promotion.

We recently sent out a slew of tiny little safes to magazine and newspaper editors as well as online journalists. It’s a cute little black or silver safe that ties in nicely with the branding and marketing of our upcoming type server. The idea is to spark interest in our product, and that editors will get their combinations in the mail as we’re revealing details about our new product at Macworld – revealing an additional item for editors inside the safe.

Well, we’ve started to hear that some more enterprising individuals (Yes, this means you, Allen Stern) have developed their own safe cracking skills and are breaking into the box to reveal what’s inside. They aren’t exactly FDIC insured or built by Sentry, but hopefully people will not reveal exactly what’s inside just yet. 😉

The Extensis Type Server Macworld Safe

I do genuinely love these types of promotions – and the more creative, the better. I worked in college radio back in the day, and remember seeing many unique and different items come in the mail. One that sticks in my mind was a quart of motor oil promoting the band Ministry‘s single “Jesus Built My Hot Rod.” When you’re accustomed to receiving posters and LPs in the mail, a quart of motor oil really stands out, I tell you.

Over the years we’ve had our fair share of strange ones, I seem to remember a pair of Suitcase 8 boxer shorts floating around the office. That was before my time here, though I would have loved to be in on the discussions that resulted in that one.