Meet an Extensis Expert - Russell Cheung -


Meet an Extensis Expert – Russell Cheung

Meet Russell Cheung, one of the UK’s resident Extensis experts.

Russell is the UK’s Senior System Engineer and has been with Extensis for 11 years. Part of his role is to visit Extensis users and provide Professional Services ranging from optimising and configuring their UTS or Portfolio Server set-up and workflow, to training administrators and end users on the finer points of DAM and font management.

In order to give more of an insight into Professional Services and what it entails, Russell has answered a few questions for us…

What is the largest number of assets you have ever encountered?
8 million images ( and counting ) for Portfolio Server and about 80,000 fonts for UTS.

What’s a typical day like when carrying out Professional Services?

  • Arrive on site slightly early so I have time to check for any urgent emails whilst waiting at reception
  • Spend up to 30 mins with IT person and head of creative to go over objectives and process for the day
  • Check server hardware and OS environment to ensure that it meets pre-requisites
  • Install UTS or Portfolio Server software and any required third party add ons
  • Test the connection between client and server
  • Train the IT administrator on UTS / Portfolio Server administration interface and functionality. This is a chance for them to discuss detailed and specific aspects like security and performance tweaking.
  • Grab some lunch and get a chance to explore the surroundings if I’m working in somewhere like a museum or gallery.
  • Train the end users on what they need to know to use the software to full capabilities. Try and ensure that I leave their site with something that’s fully working, that they can easily build on, and that their users will have the confidence to work with.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever come across?
Hundreds of digital images of dead and diseased wild animals and farm animals all needing to be catalogued. Some poor technician had to place the corpses on the flatbed scanner.

What’s the most difficult problem you’ve ever had to resolve?
Getting through the traffic on the way home is always the hardest part!

In what kind of companies have you implemented Extensis software?
Museums, scientific bodies, charitable bodies, retail, financial bodies, and government agencies.

Why should someone invest in Extensis Professional Services?
We have extensive experience in cross platform ( Mac + Windows ) environments which really helps if an organisation has a strong Windows based IT dept but little experience with Macs, or has a lot of Macs deployed across the company but have little experience of dealing with server based applications. We also have hands on experience with desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign so we can provide training from the perspective of the desktop users as well.

About Professional Services
Extensis’ Professional Services packages are designed to complement both our font and DAM server products and are delivered by an Extensis Certified Systems Expert. They maximise return on software investment by combining Extensis’ expertise with technology, processes, and people into an complete solution within a few days.

More information about Extensis Profesional Services