Macworld Expo Hall highlights -


Macworld Expo Hall highlights

Thursday January 8th, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Yesterday I made a quick trip down to San Francisco to visit Macworld 2009, and attend a little party with many of our customers, VARs and other Extensis fans.

After a short trip around the show floor, Max Kerning was off to take care of some important meetings, so I was left to wander the show floor on my own. Here are a few select items that could be seen at Macworld 2009.

TechRestore had an actual Delorean time machine from Back to the Future in their booth – complete with flashy lights, dials an such.

A company called Focal XS had these smokin’ speakers that you could jack your iPod into. Though, I really never really understood why they had a mini-geodesic dome in their booth.

Microsoft always has nice, swanky stuff at Macworld, and this year was no exception with their more open and slickly designed blogger’s lounge (rocker Mac fanboy not required).

Our friends over at Morrison SoftDesign had a good looking booth, and some very popular “Font Problems Suck” t-shirts.

This cute little diorama is made up entirely out of USB jump drives. Yup, those penguins are memory sticks.

Probably one of the strangest things that I saw in a booth this year was a guy who’s sole job was to ride an exercise bike all day long. I think that they were selling the bike that had a jack for a iPhone that could be used to track your progress.

Oh, and despite what you might hear from people preaching doom and gloom for Macworld now that Apple will no longer have a booth, there was still quite a few people hustling and bustling around the show floor.

Hope to see everyone at Macworld next year!