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Looking for a Final Cut Server Alternative?

Friday January 27th, 2012 by Jim Kidwell

If you’re looking for video archive software to replace Apple’s now defunct Final Cut Server, check out our digital asset mangenent software: Portfolio Server 10.

Since the demise of Final Cut Server we’ve helped a number of companies make the switch to Portfolio Server and have helped the process by adding support for Apple’s ProRes video format as well as support for WMV. In Portfolio Server 10, you can instantly playback video and audio in both our Web Client and native Mac and Windows Desktop Clients. Video support in Portfolio has been further extended in NetMediaMAX, a media-processing module for Portfolio Server that allows for multi-threaded, video transcoding on-demand.

We’ve also enhanced our metadata support with the ability to embed XMP metadata to video files. If you need to migrate assets from an existing Final Cut Server, just point Portfolio Server to an existing Final Cut Server device for automatic cataloging and synchronization of media files.

To learn how video production agency 50 Kaliber Films easily made the switch, you can watch this webcast recording:

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