It’s Friday the 13th! Get Spooky—With These 13 Free Typefaces -


It’s Friday the 13th! Get Spooky—With These 13 Free Typefaces

Friday May 13th, 2016 by Extensis

Today marks the only Friday the 13th in all of 2016. Let’s get spooky! Join us as we revisit some of our favorite typography—of the icky, yucky, spooky, scary, grisly, gruesome, and creepy-crawly varieties!

Here are 13 spooky typefaces that you can download 100% free for commercial use—no matter what sick sad scenario you may be suffering!

1. When you need an R that cuts like a dagger…
Use Orchidee Light

2. When the skeletons have come out to dance…
Use Tango Macabre

3. If the beasts are clawing at the door…
Use Bearpaw

4. But if those beasts turn out to be oozing, gooey monsters…

5. If you are receiving messages from the other side…
Use Aquiline Twoaquilinetwo

6. If Frankenstein is rising…
Use Green Fuzgreenfuz

7. When the ghost children have come out to play…
Use Poilet TaperPOILET-PAPER

8. If you’ve just found the key to a centuries-old mystery…
Use Gothic Ultra OT

9. When the witch is melting—What a world, what a world!
Use Shlop

10. When the deranged kid who lives in the attic is scrawling invitations to his birthday party…
Use ElliotSix

11. If the killer’s latest victim hastily painted a warning on the wall just before she died…
Use Edo

12. If she painted it in her own blood…
Use Bloody

13. And when the vampires arrive to feast on her…
Use Vampyri



Still need some inspiration? Check out designer Christian Annyas’ illustrated list of typographic poster designs for horror movies of the 1980s. With the fonts above, you may find yourself designing a horror movie poster of your own.