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I'm in Love With a Robot! The Beauty of Smart Sets

An elegant but overlooked feature of Suitcase Fusion 2 and Universal Type Client is the ability to create smart sets. Just like a smart playlist in iTunes, you set up some search criteria, save it and then kick back and let artificial intelligence do the work for you. The key difference here between (normal) sets and smart sets is that smart sets are dynamic; they update themselves automatically as things change in your environment with absolutely no work required from you. They are effortless, majestic, luxurious, sublime.


Anytime you find yourself searching or sorting for the same type of thing repeatedly, save yourself some time and create a smart set.

Choose File > New Smart Set and set the drop down boxes as you wish.

Some examples:

Active Fonts (activation = activated)

SF2-smart set-active fonts

Show me all fonts that are activated right now i.e. turned on at this moment in time. This is a handy safety net to see the total number of fonts you have turned on across various sets throughout the day. A ha! so that’s why my machine is getting slow !

Duplicate Fonts (duplicates = postscript name)

SF2-smart set-duplicate fonts

Show me all fonts that have the same postscript name. This is handy for trouble shooting font conflicts or cleaning up a huge collection of fonts.

Recent Fonts (date added = on = today’s date)

SF2-smart set-recent fonts
Show me all fonts added today.

The possibilities for creating smart sets are quite infinite especially when you start keywording your fonts. Start tagging your fonts with client names or invoice numbers and you could create a smart set that shows you all fonts you haven’t used yet for a specific client to push yourself into some robot assisted creativity. Thanks Mr. Robot!

[Photo Credit : TOPIO 3.0 Robot image courtesy of Humanrobo from Wikipedia]