Get Your Assets in Gear with Portfolio 1.5


Introducing Digital Asset Management You And Yosemite Will Love

Tuesday February 3rd, 2015 by Extensis

Our new Portfolio release adds support for the latest OS X, advanced reporting features, and more

With the explosion of digital assets and media over the past decade, companies are struggling to keep them organized and accessible while ensuring version control. Locating and distributing files has become a major time and productivity killer.

Fortunately, Extensis Portfolio™ makes digital asset management (DAM) affordable for companies of all sizes. Originally released in October 2014, Portfolio transformed the user experience with suggested, guided search capabilities, millisecond results, a sleek new user interface and elegant thumbnail views. It’s used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies. And it’s just been updated to make it better than ever.

Get Your Assets in Gear with Portfolio 1.5

Portfolio has added full compatibility with Apple® OS X® Yosemite (v10.10) and advanced reporting options. It’s also faster than ever, with new features that increase the efficiency of importing, copying, updating, converting and exporting assets.

Why you should give a DAM

As the ultimate Digital Asset Management system, Portfolio’s main function is to ensure that users have immediate access to the correct files in the desired format in a central location. As a standards-based platform that works with other systems and existing workflows, it provides a single place for teams to locate important files with consistent metadata information using a web browser or Mac and Windows desktop applications.

It’s ideal for anyone with large collections of images, videos, and marketing collateral. It’s the only digital asset management solution that’s affordable, easy to use, and easy to set up in a day, right out of the box.

Get Your Assets in Gear with Portfolio 1.5
Extensis Portfolio™ is organization with purpose: Digital Asset Management built for speed, beauty and simplicity.

Features to help you find files on the fly—fast

Portfolio is organization with purpose: Digital Asset Management built for speed, beauty and simplicity. It’s designed to let you:

Search — Browse, preview and search for files using lightning-fast elastic search technology. Automated keyword creation and stunning previews make it simple to sift through millions of media files in milliseconds.

Store —Store all file types (image, graphic, video, text, etc.) in their highest quality formats and quickly convert them on the fly. No more duplicates.

Share—Distribute only the files that you want to expose on simple, easy-to-publish responsive FastSite™ websites—no knowledge of HTML or CSS required. Both internal and external users can more easily access your collection independently through self-service web portals.

Get Your Assets in Gear with Portfolio 1.5: Our Customers
Hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies use Portfolio for Digital Asset Management


Plus, Portfolio is:

  • Modular and scalable —Add features and additional catalogs only as you need them.
  • Flexible —You can install Portfolio locally, onsite to leverage your existing hardware, or directly on your own cloud-based server.
  • Mobile-friendly—Anyone can select, tag and upload assets directly into Portfolio with their iOS or Android device, so they can upload assets on the go.

Case Study: How Baylor University Sped Up Social Media Delivery with DAM

Baylor is one of the thousands of clients who use Portfolio to find, organize, share their assets. But they’re also using it as part of their social media strategy in such an innovative way that we had to share—especially since it’s tripled their social media engagement stats, and achieved higher rankings than some of the biggest universities in the nation.

Watch our free webcast to see how they’re doing it. You’ll also learn how:

  • Baylor gets images out to social media in real-time
  • DAM helped increase engagement
  • Baylor configures their cameras, wireless & DAM
  • High-quality photography impacts social media
  • The entire University benefited
  • The solution spread quickly at Baylor

Find your files fast with Portfolio, today

Good news, existing Portfolio users—this update is available to you for free. And for you newbies, it’s also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

For a complete list of features and additional information, visit You can also see Portfolio in our online video overview here.

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