From the Developer: Extensis Fonts in Google Docs -


From the Developer: Extensis Fonts in Google Docs

Monday August 3rd, 2015 by Extensis

Here at Extensis, we want to make sure you can make your documents look their best. A big part of making your documents stand out is having a great selection of fonts to choose from. Fonts allow you to express your creativity when building a poster, newsletter, or advertisement. They give your documents their voice.

As users of Suitcase Fusion 6 know, we provide the ability to sync all Google Fonts locally and make them available for use in their desktop applications. We also provide easy to use panels in Adobe’s Creative Cloud that give users quick access to their entire font collection (including Google Fonts). So with that in mind, we wanted to allow users a better way to quickly see and use all the awesome fonts in Google Docs already available for free.

Users new and old have started using online only applications, opening up a whole new sandbox for our development team to play in. When we finished developing Suitcase Attaché (our awesome Windows add-in for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint), we started looking for the next application to extend.

When we heard Google Docs add-ons were out of beta, we knew we had found the next app for our array of font solutions. We designed the Extensis Fonts add-on to give you a simpler and faster way to view and use the thousands of fonts available from Google Docs, and I think that you’ll agree that we succeeded.

You can sort and preview fonts alphabetically, by popularity and even by what’s trending at the moment. We built Extensis Fonts to be easy to use – select any text in a document and click on your a font in the Extensis Fonts panel to apply it. Your font will always be used, no matter who edits your document in Google Docs.

Extensis Fonts add-on for Google Docs

If you rely upon Google Docs, we hope that you’ll give our free Extensis Fonts add-on a try. There are hundreds of fonts available to really make your documents sing!

We look forward to bringing more fonts to more people in more places in the future.