Font Shui: Restore Order & Balance to Your Font Universe


Font Shui: Restore Order & Balance to Your Font Universe


Your font management system may be broken

We recently surveyed more than 2,000 designers about font usage, with the findings informing the lovely infographic below. This brought to light a few key, underlying findings:

  • About half the designers out there are using inferior and/or pirated fonts
  • Most designers don’t understand their licenses and are therefore subject to penalties, which can be substantially costly and embarrassing for their company or client

Font Shui: Restore Order & Balance to Your Font Universe [infographic]

People. PEOPLE. This is no way to manage your fonts, or reward the font foundries that work months, sometimes years on the type that makes your clients so happy.

Fortunately, we’ve got the tools to help you organize that cluster known as your font collection, so you can achieve font organization nirvana. Yes, now you too, can achieve…

Font Shui: font library access and organization nirvana

Extensis font management tools come with so many advantages that there’s simply no more excuse to stick with “managing” a font collection via dragging and dropping into Font Book. Staying organized is the foundation of efficiency, which leads to increased creativity and productivity.

Font Shui: Restore Order & Balance to Your Font Universe UTS4

Universal Type Server 4 lets you centralize, organize, and distribute your entire licensed font library so anyone can find what they want and access it instantly. No more time scrambling to find the missing fonts in your files. It also lets you tightly manage who from your team is using fonts, and how, to prevent the use of unlicensed fonts and get everyone in hot water.

Font Shui: Restore Order & Balance to Your Font Universe SF5

Suitcase Fusion 5 Helps designers spend less time toggling between apps, and more time focusing on being creative. No more creating throwaway versions in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator just to get selections or font pairs right.

Instead, SF5’s QuickComp feature lets you see how your font options work in real-world samples using QuickComp templates. It also gives designers access to their complete font collection from with CC applications, along with 6,500 fonts in WebINK and Google Fonts—all from one centralized application.

Baby steps can lead to a whole new workflow

If you’re concerned about the learning curve associated with these two products, don’t be. They’re extremely easy to use and Extensis offers support in multiple channels so you can up and running quickly, and you’re never left hanging when you have a question.

But hey, this is a blog post, not a high-pressure sales pitch. We invite you to download the free report that serves as the basis for the infographic for more context on how and why these tools can drastically improve your solo and/or team workflow—and have a most positive ripple effect on your creative life.

Until next time, grasshopper…Namaste. 

Survey Report: The Hidden Risks of Font Misuse