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Extensis Support for Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6)

Thursday November 9th, 2017 by Jim Kidwell

On April 23, 2012 Adobe released Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6). This was the last perpetual license bundle that Adobe offered prior to the release of Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.

In April 2014, Adobe stopped supporting Creative Suite 6.

Some Adobe customers have chosen to continue using CS6 in lieu of moving to Creative Cloud.

For us at Extensis, we have supported the desires of our CS6 users to keep using this old product for some time. However, due to operating system and compatibility issues, configurations relying upon CS6 plug-ins will only be troubleshot on the following operating systems using compatible Extensis products:


  • Mac OS X 10.9 or prior (Adobe recommends 10.7 and prior)


  • Windows 8.x and prior.

Visit the following pages for Adobe software system requirements:

Extensis has discontinued the development of CS6 plug-ins in recent updates and newer versions of our software. Please visit our Support site for details on which products are compatible with the listed Operating Systems.

The following is how we plan to support CS6 by product line.

Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion 7 was the final version to include font auto-activation plug-ins for CS6.

Going forward, with Suitcase Fusion 8 and subsequent projects will not include support for CS6.

Complete Suitcase Fusion support for Adobe products is listed in the Suitcase Fusion product support guide.

Universal Type Server

Universal Type Server 6 supports CS6 with font auto-activation plug-ins for Universal Type Client 6.

Universal Type Client support details are included in the online client support guide.

Adobe CS6 plug-in support is currently slated to end with the next versioned release. Extensis has not publicly announced the timing of the next version.


All of the products in Adobe CS6 can be used to create a myriad of file formats.

See this list for complete file format support by Portfolio.