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Digital Asset Management for Printing and Publishing


Yesterday was a great day.  I was conducting a forum on DAM for Printing and Publishing in Washington DC.  The event was held at The World Bank, and we had a great response from a group of enthusiastic professionals mostly in the printing and publishing industry.

The purpose of the event was to discuss digital asset management strategies and solutions.  We also promoted the idea of creating a DAM user group in the DC area, where people familiar with DAM would network and share best practices in a more frequent basis. The agenda included a Case Study from the World Bank, roundtable discussions, a DAM Best Practices presentation, and DAM Workflow discussion.

I had the pleasure of working with our host, Les Barker, Senior Information Officer for the World Bank, and he was phenomenal.  His presentation covered how The World Bank discovered their need for a DAM solution, what their pain points were, their research phase, their implementation of Extensis’ Portfolio Server, and their future goals.  Attendees enjoyed his expertise and knowledge, and got an opportunity to ask him many questions.

After The World Bank Case Study, we broke out in roundtable discussions, where IT and creative professionals from small and large organizations discussed topics such as:  (1) Integrating DAM with your current workflow, (2) Implementing DAM across multiple departments, (3) Finding the right DAM solution.  We gathered each table’s main take-aways and shared them with the entire group, which allowed everyone in the room to learn from others. Many of the key findings were also covered in the DAM Best Practices presentation that I gave, which follows some of the information we outline in the Digital Asset Management Best Practices Guide.

To conclude our day we had our very own, James Grace, show the Portfolio Server solution in action.  James is a Senior Systems Engineer here at Extensis and he’s just adored by all of the customers he has worked with.  Being out in the field helping customers with their DAM implementations, he had some really great real-world examples to share with attendees.  Among the things he showed was how to distribute digital assets to a variety of audiences via a web browser, using Portfolio NetPublish.  He also demonstrated how to take advantage of XMP panels to enter metadata that is specific to your needs.  It’s all about the metadata!

If you would like to learn more about Portfolio Server, we also have an upcoming live webcast on October 7 at 11 am Pacific — click here to register.

Thank you, Les, for hosting us at your offices.  And thank you to Marisela, Pete and James for your help in organizing this informative event.