Are you a Microsoft Office 2004 Mac user? -


Are you a Microsoft Office 2004 Mac user?

Thursday June 26th, 2008 by Jim Kidwell

Microsoft Office for Mac - Open XML converters

If you’re a Microsoft Office 2004 for Macintosh user like me, Microsoft has just shown us some love.

You may be using the older version of Microsoft Office for many reasons – corporate policy, budget for upgrades, etc. Yet, you have probably already received files created by the newer versions of Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows that don’t look anything like what you’ve seen before. Typically the extension for these new files ends in the letter ‘X’ that indicates that the files is an “Open XML” file.

This week Microsoft released a file converter that allows users of Office 2004 to convert, open and edit files saved in Open XML format. It’s a handy feature that will allow me to stay in the loop until I get the chance to fully upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Office.

Check it out over on Microsoft’s Mac site, Mactopia.