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What is an API and how can it help integrate DAM into your organisation?

Thursday August 8th, 2013 by Extensis

Do you know what an Application Programming Interface (API) is? If the answer is “no”, you’re not alone.

What is an API?

The Portfolio Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration between Portfolio Server and other business systems to share information and eradicate unnecessary duplication of work and management of redundant information.

What can an API can do for you?

The API allows you to utilise Portfolio assets, such as images, PDFs, marketing materials and metadata, as well as other Portfolio Server features like galleries and search with Content Management, Collection Management, and other business systems. By combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) with these other systems, organisations can provide an efficient and comprehensive collection information solution.

300x120-PS11-ProductThe Courtauld Institute of Art in London turned to Portfolio Server for archiving the 3 million images its collection, using the product’s metadata import functions so that each asset can be easily found and shared across departments.

They also leveraged Portfolio Server’s API, enabling integration with their collection management system, zetcom’s MuseumPlus. This allows individuals throughout the organization to access items from MuseumPlus collection via Portfolio Server.

Portfolio Server’s ability to connect to MuseumPlus was a great advantage in accessing not just the original digital files, but also to create on-demand copies in multiple resolutions and sizes through Portfolio Server’s media processing functions. By using DAM along with its existing collection management system, The Courtauld Institute is improving efficiency and ensuring the preservation of its priceless collection.

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