The National Wildlife Federation goes DAM -


The National Wildlife Federation goes DAM

Monday September 28th, 2009 by Cindy Valladares

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the nation’s capital for our latest Digital Asset Management forum. In this instance, our feature speaker was Karen Hignite, Records Management Manager at The National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  Karen is part of the IT group, supporting 18 departments, 11 regional centers and the National Advocacy Center.  Her role is to manage over 40,000 images currently available in Portfolio, upload assets, apply metadata, clear permissions and track usage, negotiate contracts and train internal staff.

They have three main catalogs in Portfolio:  one for rights managed imagery, another one for royalty-free, and a third one is a customized video library.  This last one is especially interesting, because it doesn’t hold the digital assets themselves, but the location of where the physical video is on a library shelf.  Some of the attendees at the forum where puzzled and asked why they utilized a DAM system like this.  Karen response was that The National Wildlife Federation has thousands of very long videos, and cannot possible afford the cost of digitizing and storing all those assets, but they needed a way to quickly search and easily find them.

Internal teams search the other two catalogs, rights managed and royalty-free, for various print and marketing projects, including the publication of magazines such as Ranger Rick, International Wildlife, Your Big Backyard and Wild Animal Baby.  As Karen describes, their first step in their workflow is to search for existing assets by going to the Portfolio Server digital asset management system.  If NWF does not own the appropriate image, they would purchase or request a donation, and once a legal contract has been signed, the image goes to Portfolio Server so that it can later be used and repurposed.

If you would like to find out more about how the National Wildlife Federation created this one-stop shop for digital assets, Karen will be sharing this presentation in our upcoming webcast on October 6th. Please join us.

In addition, please plan to attend our next DAM forum at the Seattle Art Museum, on October 14th.  We would love to have you join us for this event that features a case study by Luis Antezana at Methodologie, a communications strategy firm with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft and Seattle’s Children Hospital.  He’ll be talking about how to utilize DAM in creative and marketing environments, and how to distribute assets to internal and external teams.  Event is free, so register today!