Portfolio Server for Spectrum DAM & VRA Core Standards


Portfolio Server Support for Spectrum & VRA Core Standards

Friday July 18th, 2014 by Extensis

Attention Museums & Cultural Heritage Institutions 

Ready to create efficient systems to manage your assets? We’re pleased to announce Portfolio Server support for Spectrum and VRA Core. These two industry standards help centralize and manage your asset collection, and make it easier to work with metadata.

Portfolio Server for Spectrum DAM & VRA Core Standards

More museums and cultural heritage institutions are using digital asset management to centralize and manage collection objects. With added support for the Spectrum Standard and VRA Core, Portfolio Server users have a one-click option to apply metadata fields to catalogues. ~ Maxwell Mabe, Product Manager, Digital Asset Management Solutions.

Support for these standards makes a comprehensive base of metadata fields available by simply selecting and applying a standard.

In addition, you can marry the power of Portfolio Server with the rich data of your Collections Management System (CMS). Extensis has worked with Adlib and zetcom to create custom connectors that use Portfolio Server’s open API to integrate DAM with your existing CMS so metadata never has to be rekeyed into multiple systems.

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