Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 by Extensis

It’s here! The newly (re)versioned Portfolio is packed with new features that promote shared content development and teamwork. Ever wish you had a time machine so you could travel back to get a previous version of a file? Portfolio 2016 is your gateway! Struggle to coordinate edits among teammates during the creation process? Portfolio’s check-in/check-out will put an end to the mayhem that ensues with simultaneous changes. Try it for 45 days – on us, and read on to see how Portfolio 2016 will turbocharge your workflow.Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


Tame your Tangle of Assets

If you’re a small creative operation amassing clever, polished digital assets and need a way to keep them all in check, we’ve got your back. If you’re a larger operation with assets coming in from all angles, we’re here for you too. The latest Portfolio is loaded with new features for better collaboration, heightened organization, and easy sharing.

Here’s what to Expect

Files are only assets if they can be easily found and used. These new features expedite that process, accelerate workflow, and save heaps of time…

  • Version Control & Revision Tracking
  • Asset Check-Out & Check-In
  • File Locking
  • Secure, Centralized Storage

…and build off already agile and time-saving features like:

  • Swift and Predictive Google-like Searches
  • On-the-fly File Conversion
  • Easy File Sharing Outside of your Immediate Network with NetPublish®
  • Mobile File Upload with Portfolio Flow®

Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


Accelerate your Workflow & Maximize ROI

So what do all of the bulleted features mean for your business? Portfolio is your partner in crime, and these capabilities function like a Swiss Army Knife that performs a myriad of duties…well…dutifully.

Portfolio prompts you to insert key metadata when uploading any asset, instantly creating usable collections. Pairing this with swift, predictive searches and beautiful previews puts your assets in-hand faster than you can say “gimme that.”

Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


Intuitively organize and display assets with catalogs, galleries, auto cataloging, and bulk tagging. Now perusing your assets is straightforward and efficient.

Oh, and remember that time you realized that you and your coworker were modifying that photo at the same time and it took you an hour to figure it out? Check in/check out, file locking and versioning work together to streamline workflow and prevent simultaneous changes.

And the cherry on top? Keep important files secure in a digital vault, so you’ll never have to deal with mishaps that clog up the production line.

Portfolio 2016: Turbocharging Digital Asset Management


Snag Portfolio 2016 for Yourself

Get your 45-day free trial of Portfolio 2016, and revel in a streamlined workflow. Oh, and if you’re not yet sold, check out this extensive list of companies that use it. *Ahem* many of which are Fortune 500 businesses.

Portfolio is adept enough to adapt to small agency workflow, powerful enough to be the organizational tool of choice for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and secure enough to be the workhorse of the U.S. Capitol. There’s no limit to what this tool can do, starting with smoothing your tangle of assets on the double. We have one last question:

Why would you wait another day?

Take it for a Test Drive or Contact Us for More Information.