New Portfolio Studio Digital Media Archive Server -


New Portfolio Studio Digital Media Archive Server

Wednesday September 15th, 2010 by Jim Kidwell

Today we introduced a new addition to our line of Digital Asset Management (DAM) products: Portfolio Studio™. This is image archive server was developed for small teams to allow for automatically archiving and centralized access to photos and project files, all while effectively maintaining consistent metadata.

Portfolio Studio takes common folder-based workflows to the next level using web-based tools that allow teams to quickly locate and convert photos and graphic files.

The system leverages MediaRich® server from Equilibrium® to expedite turnaround on repetitive actions—such as file conversion and image resizing—and frees up desktops and users. Portfolio Studio can catalog virtually anything and supports a massive array of file formats including images, Camera Raw and DNG files, graphics, PDF files, documents and videos.

Portfolio Studio highlights:

  • Allows up to 3 simultaneous connections to a single catalog
  • Performs fast visual searches of indexed thumbnails and full size previews
  • Saves time by providing a central place for teams to find important photos and projects – regardless of file location (even discs stored offline)
  • Protects work by ensuring that important file information like usage rights, copyrights, and dates are consistently applied and shared
  • Users quickly get back to work by offloading time-consuming file format conversion jobs to a media processing server
  • Includes user friendly Web, Mac®, and Windows® clients
  • No IT team required – Portfolio Studio is setup using a web browser and practically maintains itself

For more information about Portfolio Studio, see the Extensis website.