My experience at the Createasphere digital asset management conference -


My experience at the Createasphere digital asset management conference

Monday October 8th, 2012 by Jim Kidwell

I recently attended the Createasphere digital asset management conference in New York City and really enjoyed it.

Createasphere is one of a few major conferences focused solely on digital asset management and, according to their site, a place where you can “explore where the content creation industry is headed, learn from world class professionals, connect with your peers and quickly access the best resources and expertise available.” As the Product Marketing Manager for DAM Solutions at Extensis and an admitted DAM Geek, it’s no wonder that I was excited to attend the conference for the first time.

I found the session content and presentations to be very informative and entertaining. I’ve seen DAM related talks in the past that were too academic, too theoretical, and just plain boring. However, the presentations at Createasphere provided practical advice and included just the right amount of “DAM” puns and jokes (trust me, it’s easy to over do it with the DAM jokes). One of those presentations was from a user of Portfolio Server, Bob Hendriks, who talked about how In Transit Images uses the Portfolio API to sell photographs online (you can watch a similar version of his presentation in this webcast recording).

Another favorite session was a presentation from Christy King, Director of New Media & Tech at UFC titled “The DAM Truth: You are Introducing a Work Culture Revolution When You Advocate for an Asset Management System”. One of the many interesting points she made was “Do you really need to keep everything?” where she questioned keeping different formats of a file in addition to the original high-res file. This reminded me of how NetMediaMAX eliminates the need to create and store duplicate files by providing on-demand format conversion.

I also did a bit of networking meeting with existing Portfolio Server users, prospective customers, and even had a nice dinner with the conference organizers.

I really enjoyed the conference and hope to attend again in the future since I got a lot out of it. Have you ever attended a DAM related conference? What would you hope to learn or experience at a conference like Createasphere? Let me know by leaving a comment.