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Museums and digital asset management

Friday April 11th, 2008 by Megan Banman

Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim MuseumMuseums and technology. It almost seems like a oxymoron doesn’t it? After all, when one thinks of museums, we generally think of artwork, Grecian urns and dinosaurs. So what do these items have to do with digital asset management? A heck of a lot if you need to find a way to permanently archive these items that doesn’t necessitate a warehouse the size of Rhode Island. I am in Montreal right now attending the Museums and the Web conference and have been blown away at the technology needs of these institutions.

Almost everyone I talk to has image libraries that rival those of a professional photographer in addition to vast amounts of artwork, Grecian urns and dinosaurs. Not to mention the fact that the physical artifacts aren’t permanent and museums are quickly realizing the need to create digital representations of these items. If anyone is in need of a way to catalog and organize their digital assets, it is the museums.

If you work for a museum and this all sounds horribly familiar or you are toying with the idea of digitizing your collection, please check out the customer page of our website to see how some of our heritage and cultural customers have benefited from a DAM solution. Another great source of information are the Associations and events that have developed around the topic of museums and technology including Museums and the Web event I referenced above, Museum Computer Network or the American Associations of Museums.