Why We Love Organization: Assets


Why We Love Organization: Assets

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 by Extensis

Although it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, organization is an essential part of a professional design process. For me it’s taken a bit of conditioning and some helpful tools to get my asset system into great shape. Sure, it takes time, but once you have a practice in place, your workflow will run as smooth as aged whiskey.

Why We Love Organization: Assets
Organize your assets to see huge productivity benefits—time savings, consistency and professionalism


In this post I’ll share insights into my digital asset management process. As a seasoned pro, I’ve picked up on a few tricks of the trade that have been monumental to the success of my projects. My go-to tool for digital asset management is Portfolio Server—a handy and highly-visual DAM system. As an essential part of my design process, Portfolio Server offers huge productivity benefits. Here are my top three:


  1. Time Savings: When everything is in its right place, you can savor more of your most valuable resource. Portfolio Server is my daily timesaver—about 2.5 hours a week in fact! I spend less time searching and more time dreaming up creativity. A more organized process saves me from searching the network or consulting coworkers for missing files.
  1. Consistency: Organizing your most recent brand assets helps you master version control. Nothing is worse than accidently using the wrong image or old logo. Keep your design consistent and your process sharp by having the latest and greatest version always on hand.
  1. Professionalism: Portfolio Server allows me to create custom metadata to track info about my assets. I can easily manage files by keyword and write descriptions in batch or item-by-item to ensure important data such as license restrictions, copyright and credits remain correct—and legal!

Why We Love Organization: Assets, Portfolio Server

Meet your new daily lifesaver.

When I’m up against a deadline, Portfolio Server does the heavy lifting so my creative ideas can hit the ground running. It offers a centralized, highly visual asset library where I can quickly search and share files. While it only took a few days to set up, I saw immediate time savings. With the automatic metadata capabilities, I avoid spending time tagging or entering specific data.

Another outstanding benefit of this innovative tool is that it’s always improving and adapting. This is essential in an industry that is constantly being redefined. Portfolio Server organizes and filters assets intuitively and efficiently. It’s one DAM smart system.

Portfolio Server is focused on your assets so you can get more done in less time. Let me dive into some specific offerings so you can see how dedicated this impressive tool is to your DAM organization:

Portfolio Flow: When you’re working on the go, this free add-on for mobile devices allows you to tag assets in the field and upload them directly to Portfolio Server. Files move straight to the server with attached metadata so everything stays consistent and searchable. The streamlined interface lets you select and tag efficiently on your device. When you need to record and share a meeting or important audio clip—just use your mobile device to upload and share with your team.

Why We Love Organization: Assets, Portfolio Flow


In-house or Cloud: When you install Portfolio Server on your work computer you can leverage existing hardware while working with your files. Or go with the cloud option and expand your reach while reducing IT infrastructure needs. Whatever way your team wants to work, Portfolio Server makes sure your assets are always available.

Drag and drop: The Desktop Client lets you select files and drop them into working design files on any platform. When you need to tweak a file, you can edit them live from the file server.

Organize and collaborate: Sorting files into Smart Galleries allows you to create and share with project teams. You can track important file details and create custom fields fitted to your workflow. Another timesaving feature, AutoSync, monitors folders on your server and keeps your catalog in sync with new files and changes.

Track important details: Portfolio Server comes with standard-based fields, but you can also create custom metadata fields to track information related to your assets. This can help you manage assets with highly important information such as specialized product information or SKUs, unique license restrictions, or vital copyright info.

The right file format: When you need a certain file format, Portfolio Server can process media for you. Add a conversion setting to a batch and files transform into new formats on the server without slowing down your workstation.

Work the way you want: Perhaps the most important feature, Portfolio Server works with your existing folders, file servers, and creative applications so you don’t have to change the way you work. The tool supports all major image, video, and document file formats and can catalog any type of file.


If these features and benefits aren’t convincing enough, you can rest assured knowing that Portfolio Server has been helping designers organize their assets for over ten years. Extensis is devoted to maintaining a platform that is constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers and their ever-changing workflow requirements. Whether you work in a small shop or a large enterprise, Portfolio Server can manage your assets with ease, simplicity, and the support you expect from our team.


Why Do You Love Organized Assets?

Now we want to hear your favorite benefit about Portfolio Server. Share your latest organizational triumphs below.

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