Is Your DAM System Ready for Artificial Intelligence? -


Is Your DAM System Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Monday April 24th, 2017 by Amy Chan

Conversations stir as image recognition steps into the Digital Asset Management playing field.

Lately, there have been a number of discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning entering the world of DAM. They started with how AI has affected and evolved in other industries, then moved on to conversations about what exciting things it could eventually bring to the DAM industry (such as facial and object recognition applied to video and AI driven content suggestions based on user analytics), and then wrapped back around to today’s most relevant question: “how does this really help me now and is it worth it?”

Without a doubt, this is a fair question and equally without a doubt, the answer will depend on what images your organization has and what objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Smart Keywords
Last year, we introduced Smart Keywords, our first AI application into our DAM solution—Portfolio. It offers comparative image recognition and automatic keywording to help our users with the onerous task of tagging their images to make them easier to find and effectively use.

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Artificial Intelligence Today
As we’ve delivered this to our customers, we’ve seen some of the same challenges others have seen such as a continued need for human interaction when wanting business-specific keywords added to images. However, our customers who have found great success are ones who have typically fallen into one or more of the following scenarios:

    • Getting started: when you don’t have any keywords associated with your image collection and
    • Want a more robust set of keywords: when you want a fuller set of real world keywords to broaden exposure of your assets to stakeholders across your organization
    • Continually growing asset libraries: when you are consistently adding images over the course of time and the consistency of keywords added could vary
    • Have multiple asset contributors and/or managers: when different people add images or are responsible for adding keywords, which can also affect the consistency of how your assets are tagged

We understand if you have not experienced any of these situations. However, know that we’ll continue to evolve the technology and deliver what adds value to the DAM workflow. Of course, the best way to find out if your DAM process will benefit from today’s iteration of AI is to see keywording results for a variety of images; better yet from your own image library.

Good news! You can do that if you come visit us at the Henry Stewart DAM NY conference at booth #34. Use discount code EXTENSIS100 to receive $100 off the registration fee. We’ll have Smart Keywords up and running and you can see for yourself how it works. Plus, we may have some other things to show you (wink, wink) on how AI continues to evolve within Digital Asset Management.

How can image recognition and automatic keywording advance efficiency for your organization? Find out. Sign up for a free trial of Portfolio Digital Asset Management Software.