Introducing Portfolio NetMediaMAX -


Introducing Portfolio NetMediaMAX

Tuesday November 24th, 2009 by Jim Kidwell

Portfolio NetMediaMAX

Today we released Portfolio NetMediaMAX, an entirely new add-on for the our digital asset management solution, Portfolio Server 9. This media-processing add-on allows digital imaging professionals to automate their media workflows for increased productivity and workflow efficiency in high-output creative and image-intensive environments.

Designers and marketers spend significant time performing repetitive production tasks as part of their imaging workflow. The NetMediaMAX add-on can automate these repetitive tasks for faster production. Complex export operations no longer require users to locate, download and process files in multiple applications. With NetMediaMAX these tasks are offloaded to Portfolio Server so that users can spend more time on their core tasks, translating into faster output and profits for organizations.

“We have heard from many of our customers that their creative teams spend too much time doing repetitive, non-value added activities,” says Martin Stein, VP of Products and Services at Extensis. “NetMediaMAX is designed to automate manual processes, eliminate routine tasks, create consistency and standardize processes, resulting in individuals focusing back on their creative tasks.”

Converting batches of images into derivatives for use on the Web and in print can take many hours. With NetMediaMAX, which offers graphical tools to simplify processing tasks, file conversions are created on the fly for faster output. Presets can be utilized to accomplish common batch-processing operations—such as file resizing and format conversion—to ensure standardization and eliminate errors.

NetMediaMAX Highlights:

  • Automates repetitive image production tasks
  • Increases efficiency, quality and output
  • On-demand generation of digital assets
  • Download files and ‘save as’ many file types you choose- on the fly
  • Batch-convert images and other files into any standard format
  • Utilizes MediaScript™, an open, standards-based scripting language to automate and customize for many different workflow needs
  • Publish web portals that allow users to download files in a variety of file types
  • Distributed processing for high-volume environments with multiple media engines

NetMediaMAX is built on the Portfolio Server platform that provides support for Windows® and Macintosh® environments and utilizes server-side processing, freeing up desktops from media-processing tasks. The MediaRich® technology inside NetMediaMAX provides organizations with heavy workloads the ability to process media-related tasks dynamically and automatically, saving significant time and manual effort. Organizations can distribute media-processing tasks to one or more external servers for even faster performance.

NetMediaMAX provides support for a wide range of image file formats. Users can convert to the most popular file types such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TGA, BMP, PDF and EPS.

For enhanced capabilities, IT professionals can create limitless customizations by enabling custom scripts to automate steps such as transferring multiple digital assets, updating metadata, building composite logos, colorizing, resizing and more. NetMediaMAX comes with sample scripts to get you started. Scripts can be easily customized using MediaScript, Equilibrium’s easy-to-learn ECMAScript-based scripting language (like JavaScript) that is uniquely designed for media-processing environments.

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