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How to Convince Your Boss You Need Digital Asset Management

Thursday February 18th, 2016 by Extensis

DAM ROIUnless you’re the business owner, chances are you have to put together a well thought out proposal justifying why you want to invest in a digital asset management system
(DAM). Sure, you’ve identified pain points with your current process, included a distilled set of core benefits the new solution will provide, and maybe even proposed a plan to get the solution up and running, but what about the financial impact?

Smart business owners and other key decision makers will likely require some analysis of the costs to justify any significant capital investment. You aren’t going to convince your boss by telling her that DAM is going to make your job easy or that DAM will keep you from misplacing digital assets. Your boss is interested in keeping the doors open, the lights on and the company profitable. At the end of the day, the investment needs to have some positive impact to the bottom line.

If you’re going to convince your boss, you need to think like your boss…I know, scary right?

If you don’t typically deal with budgets, aren’t exactly sure what Return on Investment (ROI) is or how it’s calculated, or not even clear what you should be considering when trying to make the financial case for DAM, don’t worry – we have an easy-to-use tool that is going to make you look like you mean business.

Our online ROI Calculator uses a handful of key factors to generate a projected ROI over the next five years. Additionally, you can customize any of the numbers to more closely match the makeup of your organization. Once you are satisfied with the calculated results, download the full ROI report, which details a breakdown of costs and savings per year, recaps the factors, and explains how the results were calculated – everything you need to financially justify a digital asset management solution.

By providing a financial assessment when making the case for purchasing a DAM solution, you will show your boss you’re thinking beyond the benefit for your team, and are considering the needs of the company.

To see how your DAM ROI shakes out, you can find the calculator here

digital asset management ROI Calculator