How Digital Asset Managment can help in these challenging economic times! -


How Digital Asset Managment can help in these challenging economic times!

Friday January 16th, 2009 by Claire Taylor

In this challenging economic climate, I bet that we’re all seeing a tightening of budgets. Instead of just throwing money or people at a problem, we all need tools that help us improve productivity, reduce costs and improve our quality of our work. If done right, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can really help meet these needs.

Improved User Productivity

A DAM system allows people in your workgroup to have immediate access to digital assets. The days where individuals spent two to three hours a week looking for files can be a thing of the past! It is hard to believe but five minutes here and there, really does add up to two/three hours a week. I should know since I was the world’s worst offender before I started working at Extensis!

One of our customers, Creative Media Development (CMD), prior to their Portfolio Server installation, found that tracking down just one archived asset for re-use, was an arduous task that often involved up to three employees and three hours of work. Now just one person at CMD uses Portfolio Server to locate images in a matter of minutes. To learn more take a look at CMD’s case study.

Time is Money

When done properly, a DAM system ensures that members of your team are aware of the full range of digital assets available. This encourage asset reuse and reduces the duplication of effort to recreate an asset. This is particularly the case with images, reducing the need for costly photography re-shoots, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Another way to reduce costs is to easily find and distribute assets to others. The World Bank was able to create eighteen different web portals in a very short amount of time, using Portfolio NetPublish. Each portal allowed a segment of their audience to quickly locate the files that they needed. If you want to hear more about the World Bank’s experience, take a look at this recorded webcast where Les Barker talks about his experience of implementing and using Extensis Portfolio for digital asset management.

Improved quality

Reusing instead of re-shooting your photographs naturally results in a more consistent brand image. When you reuse your assets, you’ll also see a reduction in the use of substandard non-approved assets.

The National Gallery of London reported improved product quality following the installation of Portfolio Server. Photographers felt more obliged to produce quality photography, as they knew others would be accessing the assets. Check out this webcast where Colin White, Head of the Photography Department of the National Gallery talks about their use of Portfolio.

If you haven’t already implemented a digital asset management system, I’d highly recommend that you download a free demo of Portfolio and check it out for yourself. I’m willing to bet that once you’ve checked it out you’ll be well on your way to working smarter, not harder. And in these hard times, everyone likes to see those kinds of results.