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Heineken advertising: how to buy a girl a beer

Tuesday November 27th, 2007 by Extensis

Yes, I am a fan of marketing. I have to be- its my job. But I also like marketing that works. Take advertising. I find a lot of advertising interesting in the “how’d they pitch THAT idea” sort of way, but I think only about 10% of ads really work. Maybe I’m wrong, but I am more likely to remember the ad concept than the brand behind it. What good is that?

Heineken “how to buy a girl a beer” adI am liking the recent trend of taking an online approach: experiential advertising- and translating it into print. Ads that in some way make you work for the payoff. I know, it defies the ‘lowest common denominator’ theory that we marketers seem to have to abide by, but you know what? Sometimes the lowest common denominator is NOT your target. Think about that for a minute.

So there is nothing more fun than a concept that bucks the trend. What got me thinking on this was this Heineken ad. I always like what they do. Rarely done by the same agency, they just seem to have a team with a strong brand concept. Proud, with a good sense of humor, but above the fray. I’ve always liked that they are always tight. This one is hilarious: how to buy a girl a beer.

heineken draught keg site adsA little bit of a more modest brand, I was surprised to see this online ‘experience’ by Heineken. The purpose of this online adventure is to educate you on the virtues of their new draught keg. But first you have to take a turn on the dance floor by uploading your image (or someone else’s) and then watch the moves commence. Not the most ‘expected’ from Heineken. Still, quite fun.

That’s our illustrious GM on the dance floor. Yeah, he’s got some moves.
(I’m going to go look for other employment now….)

heineken draughtkeg imageBerson Extensis Gm image